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Who we are (UE3): Home

A guide to the PYP transdiciplinary theme for Upper Elementary

An inquiry into personal, physical and mental health; what it means to be human.


Central Idea: The health of body systems is reliant on making informed choices


Lines of Inquiry

LOI 1: The interdependence of systems within the body

LOI 2: Choices we make in everyday life

LOI 3: Personal decisions that impact my health


Concepts:  Function, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts: Informed choices, Commitment, Interdependence


How the Body Works

Be a fit kid

Nutrition for Kids

Eat Right

Effects of Smoking

Food Safety Activity Book

Fight germs

All you need to know about Libguides



Sport and Children


Read what the Australian Government is saying and children and sport.

Let's talk about why sport is important.

Human Body Quiz