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Who we are (EYC): Families (3YO)

A guide for PYP transdisciplinary theme in the EYC.

Central Idea

We are members of different Families

Lines of inquiry

  • Families are special
  • Families spend time together in different ways
  • The relationship in families

Just For You Mercer mayer

Are You My Mother?

The family song - You Tube

I love going to granny and granpas

You Can Be My Friend

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? Book Read Aloud, written by Eric Carle

Caillou's New Member of the Family

Whose mouse are you ?

My family and me - song - You Tube

Za-Za's Baby Brother


Just Me And My Dad Part 1

Just Me And My Dad Part 2

Skinamarinkeedoo I love you song - You Tube