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Where we are in place and time (UE5): Home

A guide to the PYP transdiciplinary theme for Upper Elementary

Where we are in place and time: Human Migration

Central Idea: Human migration influences the lives of migrants and communities

Lines of Inquiry


*Reasons people migrate

*The challenges and opportunities of migration

*(The influence of migrants on communities over time) Students use key concepts to draft questions and then select a question to draft a line of inquiry.

Key Concepts: change, causation, perspective

Related Concepts: adaptation, migration, influence

ATLs: How do we ensure that the learning experiences encourage the development of the ATLs?

THINKING SKILLS: As critical thinkers, how do we evaluate issues and ideas?

Learner Profile: reflection, thinker

What is Human Migration?

Push and Pull factors to immigration

Human Migration: Push and Pull Factors

Australia's Migration History on Display

A special exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum in 2013 celebrated Australia's history of migration.

Children on the Move

In this video, children tell their story of migration. Young people from Save the Children programmes in Myanmar, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, Mozambique and Italy provide a powerful account of the reasons they left home and the challenges and the risks they faced during travel and when they reached a new country. They speak about their hopes and dreams that they hoped would be realised by migrating.

Bashir Yousufi - a refugee from Afghanistan

How is poverty measured? - World Bank video

Contribution of immigrants to communities

UN - Migration

The Story of Italian Migration To Australia

Australian Migration (1945 Onwards) - Post WWII

International Migration

Migration Graphic

What's it like to be a refugee?

Three young refugees tell of their experiences.

Migration - Why do people migrate?

How to understand the power of migration

International migration - Uploaded on Dec 14, 2011

Sunrise - Great Australian Refugees

Khoa Do - 2005 Young Australian of the Year

Anh Do


Illegal Immigration

Internal Migration

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