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Where we are in place and time (UE4): Home

A guide to the PYP transdiciplinary theme for Upper Elementary

Where we are in place and time?

Central Idea

Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities and challenges

Lines of Inquiry

  1. How exploration and discoveries help people to understand and make sense of the world

  2. The connection between exploration and discoveries

  3. The challenges and consequences of exploration

Related concepts

Exploration                Technology               Discoveries

All About Explorers

 Are you a critical thinker? Do you evaluate websites for:

  • BIAS

HINT: You may like to put your 'critical thinking' hat on when using this website!

Explorers by Mr Donn

Explore this great website.

There is so much to explore here.

The Age of Exploration

Explore all about the Age of Exploration here.

Tudor Ships and Exploration

Scroll to the bottom of this website to click on the link to explorers during the Tudor period.

Tudor Explorers

A slide show on Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh

The Amazing Life and Strange Death of Captain Cook

European Explorers Reach New Zealand

New Zealand is sighted by

Abel Tasman


James Cook

Australian Explorers

Explorers of Australia and Nearby Lands

Ages of Exploration

Australian History- Timeline

Hit the Seas Rap

  • Listen to a rap song about explorers.
  • Click on the hyperlinks for lots of interesting information.
  • Answer the Challenge Questions.
  • Complete Fill in the Blanks activity.

Why did people want to explore?

Roots of exploration

Explorer route maps

World Explorers

Find lots of information on this link to World Explorers, including a crossword puzzle.

Explorers of the New World - in 3 minutes!

Game - Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark

Women Explorers

 When we think of explorers we think of men, bearded and grim, setting out in search of new lands or excitement. However, history is littered with women who have gone on adventures because they wanted to expand their horizons, earn money, or simply because boredom was not their style.

Think Quest - Explorers' Hall of Fame

Great explorers and adventurers. Do you agree with this list?

Early Explorers of Australia

World History

BrainPop has numerous video clips on various Explorers.

The Age of Exploration

Find out about The Age of Exploration, a time when many nations began to explore the rest of the world.



James Cook

Read about James Cook and his explorations.

Explorer Biographies

BBC - Christopher Columbus

Zheng He - Explorer and Fleet Commander

Exploration Beyond Earth

First American Woman in Space

Games and Activities

Test your skills and knowledge here.

Polar Exploration

The 5 Greatest Mount Everest Climbers

Do you agree that these 5 are the greatest?

Sir Edmund Hillary - Explorer and Mountain Climber

Ocean Exploration

Click on Ocean Exploration Timeline

and Meet the Ocean Explorers


25 Epic exhibitions and explorers