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Where we are in place and time (LE): Times Past

A guide for the PYP transdisciplinary theme in Lower Elementary.

Where we are in place and time

Central Idea:  Personal historical evidence provides insight into people's past

Lines of Inquiry: Historical Evidence

How evidence provides insight into personal histories

Curating historical evidence

Concepts: Change​, Connection, Perspective

Related Concepts: Evidence & past



Big Universe

A collection of 7 e-books that look at then and now.



A collection of 5 e-Books about life in America 100 years ago.

National Geographic


A 2 minute video on Aboriginal cave paintings and their importance to today's generation

Old technology

School in the 19th century


A great video from ABC Australia discussing what school was like in the 19th century.

Story Box Library

Image result for the patchwork bike

Username: aissingapore

Password: aissingapore


Pebble Go- Long Ago and in the Past


Username: tais

Password: tais

A collection of 'read to me' passages comparing life in the American colonies to life now



How times change

A series of photos and audio text comparing Australia's past and present technology and daily life.

An interesting blog about the changes seen in schools starting from 1960

Brain Pop-Time Zone

Username: Aissing

Password: 556818


A series of videos about life in some of the world's oldest cultures.


Gold Rushes in Australia

A 3 minute video about artifacts from West Australia's Gold Rush



Time Capsules