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Sharing the planet (LE): Plants

A guide for the PYP transdisciplinary theme in Lower Elementary

Central Idea

Central Idea – Plants sustain life on Earth and are a vital part of ecosystems.


Lines of Inquiry – The diversity of plant life

How plants contribute to life on Earth

The relationships between plants and living things


Concepts – Form, Connection, Causation

Plants song

Planting a rainbow garden

Inch by inch

Garden story - Frog and toad together

Marine ecosystem

Under the sea

Listen to the story and see an apple tree

A tiny seed - Eric Carle

A Story

Plants (Encyclopedia for young children)

Grow a plant (BBC)

Plants and ecosystems (Pinterest)


Plants (Neo K12)

This has great time lapse videos

The science Zone

Garden song

Daffodil experiment

That's how a pumpkin grows

Sid the seed

Plant a kiss (Amy Krouse Rosenthal)

One seed story - song and questions