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Research guide: Toolkit 2

Your guide to the research process and use of digital tools to use and create information effectively and ethically.

Search pathway 

Oliver search

Search the AIS library catalogue here.

AIS databases list and links

AIS Databases - Ebscohost

Find scholarly articles with JSTOR

AIS electronic journals

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

NLB Catalogue Search

Getting sorted with sources

Go to AIS Harvard referencing guide here

Website quick check

 Website quick check 


  • Trim the website URL back to the homepage by deleting text back to the first forward slash /

  • Now you are on the homepage of the website you can quickly identify the author/publisher, date last updated,the purpose of the site and its suitability for your task.


How to spot fake news

How to spot fake news? Click here

Working together

Sharing files and collaborating on Google Drive

Share and discuss with Voice Thread

Shared on YouTube by RadfordEducation

Voicethread is a cloud application that allows users to upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. 

Comment on VoiceThread slides using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload.

Get Voicethread here

Social bookmarking

Annotate, archive and organise your websites for research with Diigo

Get the Diigo bookmarklet

1. Create a Diigo account.

2. Get the Diigo bookmarklet for your browser.

Add a news feed to your Mac


Go to this RSS feed reader, it works on Chrome and Safari. Click add to Chrome.

You will see that it adds the feed reader icon to the right end of your browser window.

Now you can add some world news sources to your feed reader.

Try these: 

The Guardian World News.

Click on "subscribe" and this feed will be added to your feed reader.

BBC World News

To subscribe, click on the hyperlink BBC News - World.

This will be added to your feed reader.

ABC news world headlines

Click on "subscribe" and this feed will be added to your feed reader.