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How the world works (UE4): Home

A guide to the PYP transdiciplinary theme for Upper Elementary

What is matter?

Kidport Science - Matter

Have a look at this website for these topics:

Changing States of Matter

Characteristics of states of matter

Skoool: Changing states of water

Oobleck dancing on a speaker


Find out what Oobleck is and some fun activities to do at home.

How The World Works


Central Idea


Creativity and innovation is promoted through investigating and understanding materials and matter.

Lines of Inquiry

  • How matter & materials can be changed and manipulated
  • Why people manipulate matter and materials and its impact
  • Using understanding of materials and matter to create and innovate


  • Reflection
  • Change
  • Causation

Related Concepts

  • Properties
  • manipulation
  • innovation

Matter Rap Quiz

States of Matter Rap

Matter Song from Mrsgleason2


what is matter?

Water cycle/Changing state

Click on the image, then scroll down to Water Cycle and click to watch the water cycle in action.

Then click on menu to go to Changing State diagram.

NeoK12 States of Matter

Games, puzzles and videos.

NeoK12 Water Cycle

BBC Changing state

Requires flash - so will not open on ipads.


Science BOB

Try some simple experiments at home.

Reversible and Irreversible Changes