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Significant events in Singapore

Central Idea

Central Idea

Historical evidence provides insight into the connections between significant events and people

Lines of Inquiry

The identification and location of historical evidence

The use of historical evidence is used to find out about significant events and people

The reliability of interpretations of historical evidence


Connection - how is it connected to other things?

Perspective - what are the points of view?

Reflection - how do we know?

Related Concepts

Historical evidence


Significant events and people

War in Singapore

A brief explanation of war in Changi.


You will need log in details for World Book. Please check the online databases poster.

Japanese Occupation of Singapore

Grandma recalls the Japanese occupation in Singapore.

Japanese Occupation of Singapore

Brief History of Singapore

Read a brief history on Duckster.

Singapore's Profile Timeline

Singapore at 50: From swamp to skyscrapers

Singapore Interesting Facts for Kids

Google resources

The Arrival

Follow a timeline of Singapore's history.

The First National Day

National Flag of Singapore

When was the current flag adopted?

National Anthem of Singapore

 Find out about the history of the National Anthem.

Singapore turns 50

Archeology in Singapore