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How we organise ourselves (UE4): Home

A guide to the PYP transdiciplinary theme for Upper Elementary

Introduction to What does a business do?

Bill Gates Biography

Steve Jobs Biography

Richard Branson Biography

Anita Roddick


How We Organise Ourselves Year 5

Central Idea:

Developing an effective business plan requires an understanding of the marketplace.

Lines of Inquiry

LOI 1: The role of goods and services

LOI 2: How the market place works

LOI 3: The role of cost analysis in the marketplace

Key Concepts

  • function
  • connection
  • responsibility

Related Concepts

Goods and Services


Cost analysis

Supply and Demand

Watch this graphic clip carefully. There is no sound.

What is the difference between a need and a want?

Supply and Demand on BrainPOP

Secret Millionaires Club

Look at the Webisodes on this site to learn about successful business practices.

McDonald's - The Ray Kroc Story

Young Entrepreneurs

Dragons' Den Success story

Teaching Kids

This website is full of information about how to set up a business. This is written for kids and helps you to think about all aspects of setting up a business.  Good luck with your business plan. 

Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia

Goods and Services

What's on BrainPOP?

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