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Who we are (LE): Health and wellbeing

A guide for the PYP transdisciplinary theme in Lower Elementary.

Why exercise is cool


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BrainPop Jnr.

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DK Findout!

SciShow Kids Videos


These kids friendly videos are short and sweet.

Central Idea and lines of inquiry

An inquiry into personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health


Central Idea

Our body is made up of different parts and we need to look after it in different ways


This unit provides students with the opportunity to explore health through nutrition, exercise, safety, well- being and hygiene. Students can reflect on their own routines and consider the consequences of choices people make. 

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

Different parts of the body How different parts of the body work Ways people care for their bodies







Teacher Questions


How do people use their bodies?

What do you know about the human body?

How do people look after their bodies?

Healthy kids get active

healthy kids - eat well, get active

Kids health

Healthy children website

Healthy eating made easy for kids

World Book Kids


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This has a 'read to me' function which makes the text accessible 


Experiments to go with hygiene

A to Z Kids Stuff

Big Universe



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Stem Activities


This website includes some hands-on learning engagements suitable for Year 1. You can preview the activities without signing up.


This interactive diagram by Siemens is pretty cool!