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Who we are (LE): Different Ways of Learning

A guide for the PYP transdisciplinary theme in Lower Elementary.

Signed stories

My dog is as smelly as dirty socks

Shadow box theatre

Edward De Bono talking about the 6 thinking hats

Picture books to support the thinking hats

Black Hat

Stories in which a character makes a plan that goes awry. As you read ask children to use their black hats to tell whats wrong with the character's plan.

Alfie gives a hand By Shirley Hughes

Animals should definitely not wear clothing By Judi Barret

The big fat enormous lie by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Rosies Walk Pat hutchings

The garden  (from frog and toad Together) Arnold Lobel



Animals should definitely not wear clothing

Garden Story. Frog and Toad together

Central idea

Understanding different ways of learning helps us to be succcessful learners

Lines of inquiry

How do we learn

Characteristics of a successful learner

Strategies to help us be better learners

Your fantastic elastic brain (app)

Click on image to open

Your fantastic elastic brain. App trailer

Your fantastic elastic brain. Trailer for the book and app

An amazing book for the unit. It also comes in an interactive app.

The big 6

Thinking Hats activities for teachers

Yellow hat thinking

Six thinking hats (activities)

De Bonos practical activities for students

Education world

It's your brain! Everybody has a brain trailer