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Mathematics in the Early Years: Maths songs

A guide supporting mathematics in the EYC

Five Little Ducks

Five Speckled Frogs

This is the version I sing

Five little Speckled Frogs - 3D Animation

Days of the week

Ten in the bed - song - You Tube

Ten in the bed

Ten fat sausages - song - You Tube

Roly Poly and More

- Five Little Ducks went out one day

Over in the meadow Barefoot books

Over in the meadow by the wiggles

The Shapes song

The Wiggles and Three little kittens

alice the camel

Numbers All Around kids song by Jack Hartmann

Five Little Ducks

Over in the meadow

.Six Little Ducks .

Five Little Monkeys- song - You Tube

Five little monkeys

.5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer Sing Along