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Who we are (EYC): Citizens (4YO)

A guide for PYP transdisciplinary theme in the EYC.

Central Idea

We are citizens of the world who have responsibilities to ourselves and others

Lines of inquiry

  • My body works in different ways
  • How I grow and change
  • I belong to a social group

Scholastic resource for teachers on Communities

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

Rainbow fish

Song to go with bucket filling programme

If I give a mouse a cookie

From head to toe Eric Carle

The Berenstain Bears - Say Please And Thank You (1-2)

The Berenstain Bears - Say Please And Thank You (2-2)

The runaway rabbit

Do you want to be my friend?, by Eric Carle

Whose mouse are you ?

All by myself - Story - You Tube